Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con 2015

Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con 2015
July 31, 2015 CG_admin
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Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con 2015

Super fans of comic books, pop culture icons, and super heroes descended on the Sacramento Convention Center this past June for Wizard World Comic Con. The three day event was well attended by our Capital Games employees. Ticket holders enjoyed countless booths, panel discussions, and priceless cosplay people-watching.

Our own Joe Greene, Senior Quality Analyst, was interviewed by examiner.com standing out in his Commander Spider-Man costume, a creative mash-up of “Star Trek” and Spider-Man. Though only his second Comic Con event, co-worker Zeus Mendoza, Game Balance Specialist, said he was “quite the celebrity that day, with many people stopping him to take his picture.” Mr. Mendoza reflected, “it was a blast to be amongst like-minded comic and pop culture enthusiasts at Comic Con! I especially enjoyed the cosplay contest where people showcased their creativity through a variety of costumes from all genres of entertainment.” Brittany Hermann, Artist II, also joined in the cosplay fun, dressing up as “a comic style” Judge Dredd, her first time attending a convention in costume. Due to the heat, she made a few adjustments to her original costume labeling the new look “Judge Dredd – Heavy Metal Summertime Edition.” Enjoying the abundance of costumes, Joe Gomes, Artist II, toted around his adorable young son, Max, who “named every super hero he saw, [and] he knows MANY.”

Ryan Thomas, Associate Development Manager, attended a panel discussing the end of the “Saturday Morning Cartoon Tradition” as 2015 distinguishes itself as the first year major networks omit cartoons on their Saturday morning lineups. Mr. Thomas summarized the event as follows: “The panel consisted of cartoon animators and producers from Filmation and Hanna-Barbara who presented a chronological walk through of Saturday Morning children’s television programming from 1952 – 2015 including many childhood favorites. It was fun sharing the nostalgia and cheers for crowd favorites, along with seeing how Saturday morning cartoons changed over 6 decades. It also seemed like a cathartic farewell for the animators who had worked so hard on their craft, seeing their era pass.”

Our studio looks forward to the return of Wizard World in 2016.